Mark Swanson is a member of the Guild of American Luthiers and the Grand Rapids Federation of Musicians Local 56

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My name is Mark Swanson, and I build the guitars and mandolins that you'll see here.


 If you have come here looking for a fine handmade instrument then I hope you'll look around and contact me for a price quote or to talk about your questions, needs and comments.

The instruments I build are made completely by me alone in my one-man shop. I don't source any of my parts from other suppliers. The Acoustic and Electric guitars and Standard and Octave mandolins that I build can be found by clicking the links at the top of each page, and I hope you'll stop to view the photos. I can work with you on the choices of wood and appointments so please take the time to imagine your special Custom Guitar or Mandolin as you look at the photos.

Sometimes I get time to build instruments that are not yet spoken for, and I’ll let you know when I have something right here. Right now I don’t have much, and I am working on orders that I already have.

I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and there is a rich lutherie tradition here. I have been wrapped up in that since I was quite young, and have been a professional musician all of my adult life. I have been building stringed instruments for more than twenty five years. I know the needs of professional musicians, and my instruments are built to fill the needs that the best musicians demand.  

Welcome to Swanson Instruments

The Octofone 2.0

I just finished up a new instrument, an “Octofone”, this was originally made by Regal in Chicago in the 1920’s. I re-designed the instrument, and I am pleased with how it turned out! I’ll be offering them as a standard part of the mandolin family instruments that I build.

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West Michigan Guitar Repair Central!

I also do a lot of guitar repair and restorations. I’ve been doing this for a lot of years, and those who may not know of my reputation in the area frequently email and ask me about it. If you have an instrument for repair or restoration please send me an email and ask about it, or you may bring it directly to Rainbow Music in Grand Rapids where I do repair work.